Select Timeline – Britain in the Caribbean

1625 – English conquest of Barbados

1655 – English conquest of Jamaica

1657 – Richard Ligon publishes A True and Exact Account of the Island of Barbados

1672 – Royal African Company chartered  to carry out the monopoly in slave trading

1730s – Jamaica is largest single producer of sugar within British Caribbean

1760 – Tacky’s Revolt

1760 – Jamaica passes ‘An Act to Remedy the Evils arising from Irregular Assemblies of Slaves’, which includes clauses against Obeah

1763 – 10-month British occupation of Havana

1774 – Edward Long publishes History of Jamaica, which includes a description of Obeah

1783 – arrival in Jamaica of George Leile, Black Baptist minister and missionary from North American colonies who left after the American War of Independence

1784 – Reverend James Ramsey publishes An Essay on the Treatment and Conversion of African Slaves in the British Sugar Colonies

1788 – Inquiry commissioned into the slave trade to be undertaken by the Privy Council committee for trade and plantations.

1795-1796 – Fedon revolution/rebellion in Grenada

1807 – Act of the British Parliament passed for abolition of the Slave Trade in British Territories

1816 – ‘Bussa’s Rebellion’, uprising of enslaved people in Barbados

1823 – Demerara slave revolt

1824 – Orders-in-council for the amelioration of slavery

1825 – Grenada Consolidated Slave Act

1831 – Jamaican Slave Revolt, the ‘Christmas Rebellion’ or ‘Baptist War’, led by Samuel Sharpe

1831 – Orders-in-council for slave amelioration

1833 – Abolition Act passed, implementing a gradual abolition of slavery through the system of apprenticeship

1834 – Ending of slavery and start of the apprenticeship period (with exception of Antigua and Bermuda which did not carry out an apprenticeship period)

1838 – Ending of apprenticeship within the British Caribbean

1842 – Myal revivals in Jamaica

1845 – First Indian indentured migrants arrive in Trinidad

1860–61 – Myal revivals in Jamaica

1865 – Morant Bay rebellion in Jamaica

1868 – Trinidad passes Summary Convictions Ordinance, which includes punishments against Obeah

1881 – Canboulay riots in Trinidad, against the authorities’ suppression of Canboulay procession within Carnival

1896 – Demonstrations in St. Kitts over lower wages

1898 – Jamaica passes The Obeah Law

1902 – Riots in Montego Bay, Jamaica

1904 – Leeward Islands passes an Obeah Act, modeled on the Jamaican Act of 1898

1905 – Riots in British Guiana against declining living and working standards

1934 – Labour rebellions in British Honduras (Belize), the first of many 1930s strikes throughout the Caribbean for better wages and working conditions

1944 – First elections under universal adult suffrage in Jamaica; Eric Williams publishes Capitalism and Slavery

1946 – Universal adult suffrage in Trinidad and Tobago

1951 – Universal adult suffrage in Barbados

1953 – First elections under universal adult suffrage in British Guiana (Guyana)

1962 – Jamaica independence; Trinidad and Tobago independence

1966 – Barbados independence; Guyana independence

1974 – Grenada independence

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