The following timeline is not comprehensive but is designed to give an indication of some of the key events in Anglophone Caribbean history, including some that are relevant to the material on this site.

1625 – English conquest of Barbados

1655 – English conquest of Jamaica

1657 – Richard Ligon publishes A True and Exact Account of the Island of Barbados

1672 – Royal African Company chartered  to carry out the monopoly in slave trading

1730s – Jamaica is largest single producer of sugar within British Caribbean

1760 – Tacky’s Revolt

1760 – Jamaica passes ‘An Act to Remedy the Evils arising from Irregular Assemblies of Slaves’, which includes clauses against obeah

1763 – 10-month British occupation of Havana

1774 – Edward Long publishes History of Jamaica, which includes a description of obeah

1783 – arrival in Jamaica of George Leile, Black Baptist minister and missionary from North American colonies who left after the American War of Independence

1784 – Reverend James Ramsey publishes An Essay on the Treatment and Conversion of African Slaves in the British Sugar Colonies

1788 – Inquiry commissioned into the slave trade to be undertaken by the Privy Council committee for trade and plantations.

1795-1796 – Fedon revolution/rebellion in Grenada

1807 – Act of the British Parliament passed for abolition of the Slave Trade in British Territories

1816 – ‘Bussa’s Rebellion’, uprising of enslaved people in Barbados

1823 – Demerara slave revolt

1824 – Orders-in-council for the amelioration of slavery

1825 – Grenada Consolidated Slave Act

1831 – Jamaican Slave Revolt, the ‘Christmas Rebellion’ or ‘Baptist War’, led by Samuel Sharpe

1831 – Orders-in-council for slave amelioration

1833 – Abolition Act passed, implementing a gradual abolition of slavery through the system of apprenticeship

1834 – Ending of slavery and start of the apprenticeship period (with exception of Antigua and Bermuda which did not carry out an apprenticeship period)

1838 – Ending of apprenticeship within the British Caribbean

1842 – Myal revivals in Jamaica

1845 – First Indian indentured migrants arrive in Trinidad

1860–61 – Myal revivals in Jamaica

1865 – Morant Bay rebellion in Jamaica

1868 – Trinidad passes Summary Convictions Ordinance, which includes punishments for obeah

1881 – Canboulay riots in Trinidad, against the authorities’ suppression of Canboulay procession within Carnival

1896 – Demonstrations in St. Kitts over lower wages

1898 – Jamaica passes The Obeah Law

1902 – Riots in Montego Bay, Jamaica

1904 – Leeward Islands passes an Obeah Act, modeled on the Jamaican Act of 1898

1905 – Riots in British Guiana against declining living and working standards

1912 – St Vincent passes Shakerism Prohibition Ordinance

1917 – Trinidad and Tobago passes Shouters Prohibition Ordinance

1934 – Labour rebellions in British Honduras (Belize), the first of many 1930s strikes throughout the Caribbean for better wages and working conditions

1944 – First elections under universal adult suffrage in Jamaica; Eric Williams publishes Capitalism and Slavery

1946 – Universal adult suffrage in Trinidad and Tobago

1951 – Universal adult suffrage in Barbados

1951 – Repeal of Shouters Prohibition Ordinance in Trinidad and Tobago

1953 – First elections under universal adult suffrage in British Guiana (Guyana)

1962 – Jamaica independence; Trinidad and Tobago independence

1966 – Barbados independence; Guyana independence

1974 – Grenada independence

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